Creative Expression Showcase!

Hey Eighth Grade, Thursday, May 18th is our Creative Expression Showcase!  Here’s the long-awaited schedule!

11:15 – 11:20 Meet in MS Studio as a group. Introduction to the ET schedule!

11:20 – 11:45 Breakout for POP Talks (see schedule below). During this time, groups of 2-3 advisories will serve as an audience for the performances and POP Talks. These presentations will start promptly at 11:20 and run on time!

POP Talk Lineup:

MS Studio M107 (Mr. Currey) M102 (Ms. Whitney) M 103 (Mr. Fumi)
Advisory Audience Student Speakers Advisory Audience Student Speaker Advisory Audience Student Speakers Advisory


Student Speakers

Mc Davitt










Su Han













11:45-12:00 All breakout groups return to the MS Studio for the performances by: Sanaya, Colin and Mihir.

12:00-12:15 Gallery walk of the posters, infographics, bilingual brochures and photo-essays;these will be displayed in the following locations:

  • Studio and Grade 8 Hallway: Posters
  • M 108: (Mr. Babcock) Photo Essays
  • M 104: (Mr. McDavitt) Info Graphics and Bilingual Brochures


Upcoming POP Events and Deadlines

Hey Eighth grade, there are some really important things happening in POP over the next week. Please go over this carefully and make sure you are prepared on time. At this point in the year, assignment deadlines really matter. And remember, just turing in something on Classroom is not enough: your reflections and most of you products must be printed off and organized with a table of contents in your POP Binder! (Checklist here).

Monday, May 15 (yesterday): Creative Expression due. If you haven’t turned in your complete Independent Investigation to your mentor teacher, then please do so right away! (Remember, for many this includes a one-page reflective essay.)

Wednesday, May 17: Reflection 8 due. This is a look back at ‘the products’ of POP. It was pushed out via Classroom; you can also see it here.

Thursday, May 18: Creative Expression Showcase ET. This is where we’ll get to look at each other’s creative efforts! (It’s also why you really need to get your creative expression project turned in now! We need time to display it!)

Tuesday, May 23rd: Reflection 9 AND the POP Portfolio (Binder) is DUE! Reflection 9 will be pushed out Thursday. You can get a sneak peak here if you want to get a head start on it. Also on Tuesday, the POP Binder is due.  Please don’t save all your printing to the end. You can find a checklist here.

That’s a lot of things to do! But once your are through, it’s going to feel sooo good!

Creative Expression

Hey Eighth Grade!

Please remember to turn in Reflection 7, Creative Expression Choice, by Friday.

The project will be due May 15, and we’ll showcase our creations on May 18th.

Below is the slide show from yesterday’s presentation. You can also check out the creative expression tabs on this site. (Some of the dates are still being updated, but the details about the projects and expectations are ready to go!)

Guest Speaker Videos

Hey eighth grade!

Many of you said you wished you could have chose to see two guest speakers. Now you can!

If you were curious about what one of our guest speakers said, or if you’d like to review your own session, the tech team has uploaded videos of all our speakers here.

Kickoff Speakers 2017

We’re really fortunate to have three great speakers to introduce some of the big issues and initiatives facing India today. 

Rema Nagarajan is a Times of India reporter. She works for the Times Insight Group, which looks at stories behind the headlines. She writes mostly about policies and and decisions which determine how public services are delivered and accessed by people. Her focus is on how issues such as health, poverty, gender and rights intersect to impact people’s lives and wellbeing.

Among other honors, Rema was a 2011-12 class of Nieman Fellow at Harvard University where she studied patterns and trends in mortality, fertility and population growth and their relationship with population health, the impact of poverty, class, gender and geography on access to health care and medical ethics.”

Ishani Butalia is a research associate with Zubaan, an imprint of India’s first feminist publishing house. Ishani works with Zubaan’s Sexual Violence and Impunity (SVI) project which studies both the history and current prevalence of sexual violence in South Asia.

Ishani is interested in local movements for gender equality that don’t get attention from the national media.


Polash Mukerjee studied development economics at IIT Madras. He now works in the Clean Air and Sustainable mobility team at the Centre for Science and Environment, one of the leading environmental and policy advocacy and education organization.