Gender Inequality

Here are some references from Mr. Creighton for those of you who might be working on Gender Issues, in particular, violence against women.

First, a book: Why Loiter
It raises a lot of interesting questions about women, safety and how we think of risk. How can we design public spaces that are safer?  (One answer: it’s almost never possible to keep all the ‘bad guys out’; better policy is to build spaces that welcome as many ‘good guys’ as possible–meaning efforts to keep out the riff-raff with gates and walls may do more harm than good). How do we treat boys and girls differently when it comes to risk? What is the cost women pay when they are told public spaces are off limits? Why is it important that women are free to loiter?
The Why Loiter folks have an active FB page and post interesting stuff on issues related to their project.
Regarding rape, the headlines often fail to give us the full picture. Where does rape happen is a crucial question when it comes to thinking about solutions, right? A CCTV camera is great for violence that happens outside, but not so good for domestic violence. (the new rape laws which–as imperfect as they are–are definitely changing the way Indians think about the crime. Police can now no longer easily ignore rape accusations, which is a huge change).
The Hindu did a really excellent analysis of reported rapes in Delhi recently–it was a six month project where they went through all the court records and it’s the kind of research we should be asking our kids to think about. A lot of surprises in it. I’ve linked to that, as well as another, earlier story which includes some of the ‘big picture.’
I know this stuff is complex. But violence against women in India (and everywhere) is complex, so if we have students ready for that, we should be challenging them!
Background article here:
This is a three part analysis of rape cases in Delhi:


Finally this site provides some clarification around different types of sexual violence (from a US perspective). Here is a NYT article that talk about the changes to the laws around rape in India.

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