Guest Speakers

We had three wonderful guest speakers join us last week.

Mridula Koshy is a writer and community organizer. She was born in Delhi and moved to the US when she was 14. After college, she worked in the US for years as a labor and community organizer. Since returning to India in in 2005, she has published three books of fiction. During that time, she helped start the Deepalaya Community Library Project.

Last year, she  went to work for the library full time as a librarian and community organizer.

Polash Mukerjee studied development economics at IIT Madras. He now works in the Clean Air and Sustainable mobility team at the Centre for Science and Environment, one of the leading environmental and policy advocacy and education organization.

PM_AES_Air Pollution in India_28.1.16


Caroline den Dulk is the communications director for UNICEF. She has been in Delhi for five years working on providing better lives for the children of India.

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