Dangal: Girl Wrestling Comes to India

On December 23rd, Dangal released in cinema halls across India. Dangal is based on the true story of how Mahavir Singh Phogat raised his six daughters to become wrestling champions. The Phogat family lives in a village in Harayana where wrestling was strictly for boys. The movie focusses on the long road Phogat’s first daughter, Geeta, took to the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Like most films, Dangal does change the story in a few places. And some critics have argued that its women’s empowerment message doesn’t go far enough. But it is a great deal of fun to watch. And the true story of how Geeta, her father and her sisters inspired hundreds of thousands of girls to start wrestling in India is truly inspirational. You can read a little about that in this piece in First Post, which includes an excerpt from a new book on the subject. If you speak Hindi, you should definitely consider seeing this film in a theatre. And if you don’t, why not look for a copy with subtitles? If you want to know more, you might pick up a copy of the new book, Enter the Dangal.


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