Food Security

Food security is a complex problem. Farmers have to grow enough food, the food has to be distributed all over the country, and people have to be able to afford to buy it.

This page does not have research resources yet, but statistics on nutrition levels in India are easy to find. You will find some resources on initiatives.


Public Distribution System (PDS). The Indian government buys food from farmers and sells it at subsidized (lower) rates to people at government-run ration shops. Some of the food is set aside for people who qualify as Below the Poverty Line (BPL), and some is sold to the public. The PDS system is huge. It provides farmers with a guaranteed market for some of their crops, and it provides cheap food to millions of people. Many things have been written about its successes and its failures. Each state administers the program differently; in some states it works very well, and in some states there is a great deal of corruption and wastage. Here are a few links to get you started:

The Deccan Development Society: This is a grass roots organization that works on Women’s Empowerment and includes an ‘alternative PDS’. Their efforts have let to reforms in the way the PDS runs in some states.

Seed diversity: the number and type of seeds throughout the world is drastically decreasing. This is now happening in India as well, and the consequences to the farmers and larger population are alarming.

Mid-Day Meals for students: This is a program aimed at increasing nutrition and school attendance.

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