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Disease: video: The Last Hurdle Rotary International video: Vaccine Shortage Hampers Immunization Powerpoint from Dr. Stacie Grebie on HIV/AIDS: Greby.CDC.HIV Note: the video footage for a good portion of the HIV/AIDS field trip is uploaded in the student shared drive under POP…

Human Trafficking

List of United Nations Agencies, Programmes, NGOs and Foundations working on Contemporary Forms of Slavery All contemporary forms of slavery Amnesty International Human Rights Watch [ ] Derechos Human Rights [ john.shumlansky ] Front Line, The International Foundation…

General Info

video: World Population video: Pay It Forward: Assignment to Save the World The India Advantage Population: The Elephant in the Room Population and Carrying Capacity Forum EcoFuture


Microcredits/Microfinance Micro Finance video: A Tale of Two Lights video: Grameen Foundation: Sample NY Times article: Sacrificing Microcredit for Megaprofits Powerpoint from HOPE Foundation on Project Redwood: PPT AES Micro credit


Urbanization India Urbanization Fact Sheet video: Mumbai Slums the Real Slums Behind “Slumdog Millionaire” video: Delhi Slum Removal CNN