Author: Ms. P

At a recent conference, I asked a friend to help me come up with a metaphor describing my style as a teacher and team leader. She paused carefully before replying, "You're like a cowboy....with a lasso." After bursting out laughing, I asked her what she meant by that. She explained, "With you, it's all about timing. You know just the right moment to rope them all in." Welcome, Cattle!

All Topics: Great info website!

Thanks to Csilla, who passed along this website to me. Take a look at the list of topics they address along the right side of the page. Bet most of you are covered here. Very useful!

Films for free!

Hey, gang– Found this website while I was surfing tonight…it’s got all kinds of documentaries that you can download for free! For those of you doing topics related to trafficking, there is an excellent film here called “The Day My…