Bilingual Brochure

Mentors: Mr. Fumi

Using information gathered in your research, create a bilingual brochure to promote awareness of your research question and topic area.

**This project is open to students of AES French, Mandarin or Spanish class, or to bilingual students, who will use English and their second language in the brochure. Only help from your World Language, EAL, or second language instructor is allowed. No translation programs may be used.

Design the brochure like a real organization with a name, address and purpose.

Present clear headings and a brief (3-5 sentences) description of each main point. Include relevant pictures or drawings to liven it up.

Before your final copy is placed in your portfolio, you must submit at  rough drafts to your language teacher or other language editor.

Submit rough drafts, edits AND your finished brochure with your Final Portfolio.

CE Rubric Bilingual Brochure

Check out this link to design elements

See this simple, easy-to-read site for advice on how to design a good brochure! This  one has good information, but is a little harder to read.

Sample brochures from previous years:


Creative Expression Advisory 
Presentation Here

  • define “brochure”
  • look at samples
  • view timeline
  • talk about translation

Creative Expression Advisory 

  • view samples and rubric
  • brainstorm your most important ideas and identify your audience
  • prepare “mock-up”
  • experiment with tech tools

Creative Expression ET Work Day

  • complete English draft
  • revise/edit sections in English
  • discussion of fair use and Creative Commons graphics
  • in-class work time on drafting in second language

Creative Expression Advisory 

  • solicit peer and teacher feedback
  • begin formatting
  • identify a second language editor

Creative Expression Advisory

  • bring second language edits
  • fine-tuning

Creative Expression due (15 May)

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