Mentors: Ms. Uemura

Task: For this option, you will create an infograph that will raise awareness for the issue you have been investigating and write a one-page reflective essay discussing the message and compositional choices of your poster.

Criteria for Success

  • I can introduce my issue with a compelling title & lead.
  • I can craft a thesis that is strong and clear.
  • I can preview clear main points that support my thesis
  • I can organize ideas and information into broader categories using graphics and multimedia that enhance comprehension
  • I can develop my topic with credible and relevant facts, definitions & quotations
  • I can use a variety of visual graphics (i.e, histograms, pie charts, bar graphs) to create cohesion and clarify relationships amongst ideas and concepts on the infograph
  • I can incorporate style elements (contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity) that enhances comprehension on the infograph
  • I can paraphrase research related to my topic and use in-text citations to credit my sources as needed
  • I can include a one-page reflection that discusses the following:
    • how your infograph addresses your area of research
    • how you expect the viewer should interpret it
    • your compositional and image choices
    • use of principles of design
    • choice of font/why you feel this font is appropriate
    • problems and successes of your infograph


Check out this link to design elements

Here are some free sites that will help you with Infographic templates:

Here’s are two interesting Info Graphics you can look at to see design elements in actions:

CREATIVE EXPRESSION RUBRIC: Infographic to Raise Awareness


MESSAGE and AUDIENCE Meeting Approaching Beginning Extending Overall


Message effectively raises awareness about your POP topic.
There is a powerful message that is clear and understandable.
Message purposefully engages the intended audience of the AES middle school community.
CONTENT Meeting Approaching Beginning Extending Overall


Text enhances the thesis of infograph.  Slogan connects message and images.  
Images are thoughtful and build the message of the infograph.
Organization of infograph develops the message and helps to prove the thesis.
Reflection discusses the message and impact on the intended audience, along with the usage of the design principles in the infograph creation.
PRESENTATION/CRAFTSMANSHIP Meeting Approaching Beginning Extending Overall


Layout is thoughtful and effective.  Design elements of CRAP have been employed.
Written work has been thoroughly edited for grammar, spelling and punctuation.
Final piece is polished and neat.


FINAL SCORE FOR INFOGRAPH:     Meeting Approaching Beginning Extending