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A photo essay is a group of photographs with text arranged creatively to explore a theme or tell a story. For this option, create a photo essay that supports, explains, and gives detail or background about an important part of your topic. While the photos are dominant, the words are an integral part, too.


  1. Select a theme or storyline related to your topic.
  2. Complete a storyboard and get it approved by a mentor. 
  3. Take a series of photos, between five and ten, that illustrate your theme or storyline. The photos can tell a sequence of events or they can be individual images about different parts of the story. You may use photos you took on the POP Field Trip or new photos. All photos must be taken by you; you may not get photos from Creative Commons. 
  4. Edit your photos to improve the quality and composition of your originals.
  5. Create a Google Presentation titled First Last Photo Essay. Share it with Mr. Babcock and your advisor. When you create your Presentation, use Page Setup and make your pages 8.5 inches by 11 inches so it prints properly. 
  6. Add photos and captions to your Presentation. Write captions of about 25 words for each photo, providing relevant details. Your caption should add information not already clear in the photo. 
  7. Show your rough draft of the Photo Essay to your mentors and other students at each Advisory Check-in for feedback. 
  8. Do not print your Photo Essay. Once the mentors have done a final check of your work, we will together print it.
  9. Write a google doc reflection (half a page to a page) that discusses the message and impact on the intended audience, along with the usage of the design principles in the photo essay creation. Link this google doc on the last slide of your photo essay (make sure the sharing settings allow for anyone to read).

Final draft is due on May 15: this is a HARD deadline!

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