Poster to Raise Awareness

Mentors: Ms. Strever and Mr. Currey

For this option, you will create a poster that will raise awareness for the issue you have been investigating and write a one-page reflective essay discussing the message and compositional choices of your poster.

  • To create your design you will:
  • brainstorm and print 3 slogans 
  • research your poster topic, collect 3-5 visual sources(printed graphics or photos, pages cut from magazines or newspapers)
  • create 2-3 thumbnail sketches  A4-8.5X11 inches
  • Complete a fourth rough sketch A4-8.5X11 inches which shows complete final layout ideas including color 
  • For final poster use black marker and one other color (optional) on heavier white drawing paper (A3 format , 11 ½” x 16 ½”)
  • your poster needs at least 25% of the picture space in black or shaded values
  • use weighted line (vary line weight to suggest-stress importance) and areas of value (shaded area using demonstrated ideas) to create contrast
  • apply the principles of layout design: contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity.
  • The last advisory check-in session is May 9th. Use this day to get final feedback.
  • Final poster is due May 15 to your advisor.
  • Your final design must be:
  • bold, simple, clear, graphically pleasing  and recognizable/readable even to a driver speeding down a highway!
  • well-developed as well as neat, clean, and flawless in presentation
  • original and done in your hand, though it may be inspired by another image
  • Your text must:
  • incorporate a slogan using no more than six words
  • be done in a large, carefully hand lettered or computer generated block font (Easily Readable)
  • use font that reinforces the visual message of your poster
  • In a typed, one-page reflection you will discuss:
  • how your poster addresses your area of research
  • how you expect the viewer should interpret it
  • your compositional and image choices
  • use of principles of design
  • choice of font/why you feel this font is appropriate
  • problems and successes of your poster
  • Final poster packet:
    • poster in A3 format (11 ½ x 16 ½”)
    • one page reflection paper
    • copy of visual source(s) and all preliminary sketches (rough draft and final sketch for poster)

Check out this link to design elements

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