2016-Education Presentation


Video Volunteers’ page of videos on education in India. See ‘Pass ya Fail’ (linked below and in presentation) for the teaser of this project. Here’s another video showing how this group succeeded in making one school better.

Education in India: Profile of a Poor Public School: an American teacher’s visit to a successful government school in south India.

Education Statistics at a Glance: 2014 Report by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.



Total Literacy Campaigns: Several states in India have achieved very high rates of literacy through mass literacy campaigns. Kerala was the first state to do this; in the 1980’s and 1990’s, hundreds of thousands of volunteers, teachers and community leaders worked with NGO’s and government organizations to help the state reach near total literacy. The articles below are on the Kerala experience, but you could also research campaigns in Mizoram, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, or recent efforts to initiate ‘each one/teach one’ campaigns nationwide.


Mid-Day Meals for students

More resources:

2014-Education Presentation

Other Resources:

Article: “India Tops in Adult Illiteracy: U.N. Report

Good overview of education:

New York Times slideshow about Improving Elementary Education in India.

Speaker Nadine Templar runs a school as part of the HOPE foundation.

Check out Hole in the Wall and Minimally Invasive Education; Sugata Mitra has won the TED Prize 2013 for his School in the Cloud initiative.

Save The Children, an NGO that works on education issues in India:

BBC clip about Education in India:

One organization runs a mobile classroom:

See how education can help girls and provide solutions for nations in The Girl Effect:

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