Guest Speakers 2013

Below find the presentations and contact information for many of the speakers who came to visit us during ET on Feb. 21


Puneet Dewan works for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He has expertise in areas related to public health and communicable disease.
He will be talking on issues related to communicable diseases in India.


John Shumlansky is the Country Director for Catholic Relief Services in India.

He has a great deal of experience in economic development, disaster response, education, and maternal and child health.

He will speak on topics related to child labor and trafficking.


Ariel Ahart

Ms. Ahart is a public health specialist with the Center for Disease control (CDC) with particular expertise on issues related to gender and women’s issues.

She will be speaking on gender and women.


Mrs. Nadine Templer  works with the HOPE Foundation, working on issues related to education, females in education,  poverty, the caste system, and social issues in general.

She will speak on topics related to education, but is also a good resource for those of you working on other social issues that do not appear to be addressed by the other speakers.


Peter Ter-Weeme of Junxion Strategy

works with NGOs and other non-profits on developing long-term strategic plans on a variety of issues in India
He will be speaking on issues related to air pollution, water pollution, sanitation, and water availability.



David Hausner

works with HIV and AIDS related issues in India. He will be discussing the epidemiology, policy, and practice around this disease in India.

HIV presentation for 8th grade Population Project – 2012



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