Welcome to the Population Project!

Population is one of the world’s biggest issues. At the global level, it may threaten the survival of the human race. At the national level, all countries (especially developing countries like India) are trying to deal with the social, political, and economic effects that result from fast growing populations.  These are problems that will be for you, on an individual level and as future leaders in the world, to try and solve.

Population is also an issue that is evident to us every day here in Delhi. In this project, you will investigate the issues and effects associated with population growth in India and propose potential solutions that could assist the country both now and in the future.

How does the Population Project Work?

The PoP is an integrated, inter-disciplinary capstone project from the American Embassy School that pulls together concepts and skills from all your Grade 8 classes under one “umbrella.” Once you have chosen your Topic and Focus, you will create a set of products that fall within that focus.


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