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Find the POP library research packet here.

1. Select a topic for your paper that is a subset of your larger Population Project topic, using a “Problem” or “Initiative” structure. The research topic  that you selected for your overall portfolio is probably a broad one. It may cover many smaller problems and issues that can be researched individually. The diagram below provides an example:

Overall Research Topic:

Air pollution

The Focus is :

Air pollution and the number of vehicles on the roads in Delhi

Research Subtopics:

traffic in Delhi, building the Delhi Metro, vehicular emissions, respiratory diseases

2. Research Paper Format: The guiding “formula” for research papers will be 5 paragraphs in length, although your Humanities teachers will be showing you ways that you might consider to lengthen or modify this structure. The format of your paper will depend on whether you phrase your subtopic as a problem or an issue. Using the first example below, a problem is “traffic in Delhi” because there are causes, effects, and potential solutions to the problem. Using the second example below, an issue is a topic such as building the Delhi Metro. This is an issue rather than a problem because there are pros and cons to building the Metro. In addition, people often look for alternatives to the issue.

Problem: Traffic in Delhi

  1. Introduction: Provide background information on the current traffic problems that Delhi is facing as well as your thesis
  2. Causes: What is causing  these traffic problems?
  3. Effects: What effect does this traffic have on the residents of Delhi?
  4. Solutions: What has been done/is being done to reduce the problems of traffic in Delhi?
  5. Conclusion: Synthesize major points of the paper and provide your reaction and recommendations

Initiative: The Delhi Metro

  1. Introduction: Provide background information about how the idea for building the Delhi Metro come about that includes the thesis of your paper.
  2. Strengths: What are the potential advantages of having the Metro in Delhi? What problems does it help solve? What needs does it meet?
  3. Limitations: How does the Delhi Metro fall short? What needs does it partly meet? What needs does it fail to meet? What are its drawbacks?
  4. Next Steps: How might the Delhi Metro be improved, expanded or supplemented?
  5. Conclusion: Synthesize major points of the paper and provide your reaction and recommendations

3. Additional Requirements: In addition to researching your subtopic and writing your paper with the required format, you will need to demonstrate proof of careful inquiry and purposeful thinking. This will include:

  • Variety of Sources: For this section of your portfolio, you must use at least 5 sources of information. These need to be a combination of print (book, magazine, newspaper, etc.) and electronic (web-site, database, film) sources. Feel free to include some non-traditional sources, like personal interviews and lectures, and field visits.
  • In-Text Citations: Use for paraphrased material and direct quotations. Direct quotations should follow the correct long or short format. They should also be documented with in-text citations in MLA format.
  • Works Cited Page: All sources used in your paper must be documented on a separate Works Cited page. Proper MLA format is expected.
  • Color Coded Text: Like other research papers completed this year, your final draft must be color coded to indicate ownership of the ideas expressed. Use the following chart as a guide:
Color: Used for:
Black Your own ideas or common knowledge (no in-text citation required)
Red Direct quotations (in-text citation required)
Blue Your own paraphrasing of someone else’s ideas (in-text citation required)
  • Electronic notecards: You are expected to keep track of research for the paper using NoodleTools note cards, with appropriate tags and source cards.

4. Plagiarism Reminder: Plagiarism means, “copying someone else’s words or ideas and then using them as if they were your own” (Write Source 2002).

5. Due-Date: Make sure you check with your Humanities teacher to establish the due date for your paper. When the copy is returned to you by your teacher, it will be given to your advisor to keep for inclusion in your final PoP portfolio.

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