Portfolio Checklist

Once you have determined a topic of study, it is time to begin planning for the portfolio that you will turn in at the beginning of May. As you move through the process, you will store completed items in a portfolio in your advisory.

 Portfolio Requirements—Include all the pieces below in the order listed:

_____ Cover with a title, your overall topic area, your name and your advisor

_____ Table of contents page (You have to create this)

_____ Reflection #1The Beginning

_____ Reflection #2 Advisory Speakers and Activities

_____ Data Analysis (Math 8 Unit 4 Summative Assessments 1, 2, 3. Follow Math Teachers’ instructions for printing.)

_____ Reflection #3 Data Analysis

_____ Library Research Packet with Signed statement of research topic (Your Humanities teacher should have this)

_____ Reflection #4 Field Trips

_____ Research Paper (Graded copy with Rubrics, or an ungraded copy if original is unavailable)

_____ Reflection #5 Independent Investigation Choice

_____ Independent Investigation (Graded copy with Rubrics, or leave a space and your advisor will insert)

_____ Reflection #6 The Research Process

_____ Reflection #7 Creative Expression Choice

_____ Creative Expression (Consult with CE Mentor to determine what goes in to the portfolio)

_____ Reflection #8 The Products

_____ Reflection #9 A Look Back




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