Possible Topics

Look around you! There are so many ways to look at a complex country like India, and to think about how a growing population will impact India’s future. Just as a starting place, here are some general topics that you might consider. There are dozens more!

Air Pollution Malnutrition
Bio-diversity Migration
Economic Development Polio
Demonetization Population Policies
Food distribution or Distribution Poverty
Formal vs. Informal Economy Recycling
Gender Inequality Sanitation: Why toilets matter!
Green Revolution Sustainable Development
HIV/AIDS Transportation
Housing Trash
Human Trafficking Tuberculosis
Infant Mortality Urbanization
Irrigation Vaccinations
Land distribution Water Availability
Literacy Water Pollution
Malaria Women’s Empowerment

You can look at these and other topics through a number of lenses. To read more about that, check out the Narrowing Your Topic page.

Ms. Kehe, our wonderful librarian, will take you through the Guided Inquiry process to arrive at your topic the first week in February. For three days, you will read, think and reflect on what topic will hold your interest for the duration of the project. Below you can find links to two versions of the process packet she will use, one slightly modified for EAL students.

Have fun!

POP Research Packet

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