Environmental Survey

As we strive to learn more about our changing world and understand how human populations are impacting the environment it is often necessary to collect first hand information from the field.

In conducting an Environmental Survey you will have the opportunity to collect actual environmental data that relates to your question. By both spending time in the field observing a particular aspect of the environment and by collecting current environmental data, you will hopefully uncover new insights that help you understand a new dimension to the bigger issues that you are investigating in POP.

For this Independent Investigation, you will need to select an aspect of the environment that you would like to monitor or collect data from.  Examples of what you could survey include: determining water quality at different parts of a river; sampling particulate matter in the air from different locations in Delhi; or counting the number of cars at different intersections and comparing this to air quality levels.

But don’t be fooled by the title to think that this option is only related to environmental topics like air or water pollution. For instance, health topics like rabies or malaria might collect firsthand data on stray dogs or standing pools of water. Child labor topics might collect data on beggars and sellers at a busy intersection. Education topics might collect data on the price of school uniforms or required school materials at a variety of schools in a neighborhood.

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