Service Investigation

Independent Investigation through the Lens of Service

Investigation Purpose: To investigate the goals and purpose behind a particular service club or initiative in India, and to actively participate in order to deepen and broaden my understanding of my research topic and how I am part of that larger something within it. 

What can I do? Choose from the following TWO options.

  1. Connect with a Service Club at AES through the High School leaders. This is the AES page that has all of the service clubs listed with descriptions and HS student contact information.
  2. You could also contact an organization you came across during your research to see what opportunities they might have for you to get involved in. This is a list of suggested organizations that AES has already built partnerships with to some degree.  This page also contains contact information for you to get started.


Site Visit, Research and Data Collection

a) On-Site Action:

  • Visit, volunteer, observe and talk with the folks involved in the project and those benefitting from the services.
  • Interview and shadow organization leaders
  • What are some of your ideas?

b) Written Reflection: 

Write about your engagement with the AES service club or Delhi organization. This should include, but is not limited to the following things:

  • Background about the service organization (history, goals, etc.)
  • Narrative about your experience. This should include either notes about your discussions with people you met, or a transcript from an interview with member of the project. It should include the thoughts and feelings you had during your visit, and the ways in which you actively participated in this club or organization.
  • A reflection that includes discussion of the following things:
    • How effective is the organization at meeting its goals and addressing the issue you are investigating?
    • How sustainable is this project; can it keep going the way it is? Is this a project that might work somewhere else?
    • What was the emotional impact of your experience how did it make you feel? (Share specific details in the ways in which you participated).
  • A conclusion that includes the following things:
    • How might the club or organization be improved? Or are there other things that this (or some other) organization might also want to try to better address the issue it is working on?
    • What new understandings have you learned about your topic?
    • How has your thinking about service changed or grown through this service investigation?
  • Include a log of time spent on site – day, time, location (minimum of 3-6 hours)

You can look at a scoring guide here. It might change a little, but if you do the stuff above, you’ll be fine!